OER Networking Event

One of the benefits of participating in this week’s OER Programme Meeting in London was to see a lively and growing community in the UK – projects were represented from OER3 Themes (CORE-SET being one of those), from JISC Content (where there is a focus on OER digitisation), from the Higher Education Academy, and from the JISC Rapid Innovation initiative. Through the use of techniques, such as ‘Open Space’ and ‘World Café’, there were numerous opportunities during the day for projects to discuss issues and to share ideas relating to their OER developments.

From the morning discussions, we were able to relate to the many common challenges being faced by project teams – e.g. How to increase the visibility of OERs within communities of practice and in HEI policies / strategies? What technology and legal constraints to address in releasing open resources? We appreciated sharing solutions – e.g. How to involve learners, practitioners and managers in projects; and from the start? What to learn from past OER project experiences, and from expertise available on the day provided by a range of JISC-related services? Beneficial ideas emerged, in particular for CORE-SET relating to project evaluation – e.g. the importance of: (1) establishing a project baseline; (2) of gaining evidence beyond quantitative measures of resource ‘hits’; (3) of making effective use of evaluation buddies; etc.

The afternoon discussions centred on: (1) Student engagement with OERs; (2) Embedding OERs: the senior management perspective and institutional policy / practice; and (3) Collaboration and partnerships around OERs: opportunities. Again, relevant ideas emerged for CORE-SET – specifically from the former group, on how to actively involve students in projects, and on how to make use of OERs in enhancing learning and teaching. It was also great to have a number of students contribute to the discussions, and to share their opinions as both learners and project members.

All in all, a useful day to focus in detail on the development of CORE-SET, and our connections with associated OER projects and JISC-related services nationally.


Open Education Week at School of Engineering, The University of Liverpool

Open Education Week logo

The first ever Open Education Week started today! It runs from 5-10 March 2012 online and in locally hosted events around the world. The purpose of Open Education Week is to raise awareness of the open education movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide.


The University of Liverpool established CORE-Materials, a collection of subject-based open educational resources in the first OER national programme in 2009. The School of Engineering has sustained these resources, and is now extending the collection by including electronic OERs from sectors outside HE (CORE-SET project).

We have dissemenated CORE-Materials to senior managers, academics and students within and beyond the School of Engineering. We have also contributed to training sessions with colegues in the library and the institution e-learning group. Today we have compiled OERs in materials science and engineering into collections of videos and images, which are dynamically shown on a number of public display screens through the School during the whole week.