Engineers Without Borders have never been so… borderless

We went down to London, to the temporary offices of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) who are one of the charities involved in the CORE-SET project. In order to encourage open education engagement we spoke about the  pitfalls of  sharing copyrighted resources, the ideas behind open education with reference to others already involved, and the benefits in both reuse of resources and the marketing it brings.

EWB operates with volunteers mostly which is fine although the question came up ‘Who owns the copyright of a volunteer?’ The answer to this of course (as with students as well) is the author. The volunteer themselves owns the copyright to their work, and here we can explore another benefit of Creative Commons(CC). If a volunteer releases their work  under a CC license, then the organisation they are working with can use and distribute the work without having to build a legal clause into any contract.

It was both a productive and enjoyable visit, with the whole of the charity now understanding IPR, CC and OER (and many other acronyms) much better, and being fully on board with the philosophy of open education in their future activities and organisational operations.